Product Benefits & Uses



E-balm is an anti-inflammatory formulated to ease aching muscles and joints and is daily described by our customers as Magic! E-balm is the most powerful of all three anti-inflammatory creams.

Used for,

Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Post Operative Care, Swollen Joints, Damaged Muscles and Ligaments, Bruising, Sports Warm up and Warm down, Shoulder Knee and Elbow Injuries, Trauma and swelling, Sports Rehab, Bursitis. Oil Based Product.



Emu oil and vitamin E make this product great for working hands and cracked heels. Regularly used by farmers, gardeners and people with outdoor lives. 

Used for,  

Dry and cracked hands and heels, Working hands, General Dry Skin, Gardeners Hands, Builders Hands.



A beautiful, smooth slightly heavier moisturiser suitable for day and night. Suitable for normal, dry and prematurely ageing skin. 

Used for,                                                            Day skin care, Skin Rejuvenating, Skin Healing, facial Moisturiser.           



A rich combination of emu oil and essential oils to replenish dry, cracked lips and protect from the elements.

Used for, 
Dry and Cracked Lips, Cold Sores, Sun Burnt Lips                                                                                                                                                               


Sports Rub is formulated for tense, strained, overtired muscles and inflamed joints. This rich cream combines comprehensive blend of Emu and essential oils with Arnica.

Used for,

Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Muscle Aches and Sore Ligaments.




This emu oil rich cream is designed to promote rapid cell repair, appealing to those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.Suitable for chaffing and dry skin.

Used for, 

Eczema, Dry Skin, Dermatitis, Psorasis, Chaffing, Scarring, Insect Bites, Healthy Finger Nails, More severe Cracked Hands and Heels



A light, soft textured cream to moisturise the face, leaving the skin soft and supple.  Replenishes the skin without leaving it oily.

Used for, 

After shaving, Skin healing, Dry skin, Night time care, Skin rejuvenating, Facial Moisturiser.



Emu oil successfully treats lesions, lacerations, and application to sutures, promoting rapid cell repair. It keeps wounds moist.

Used for, 
Sun Burn, Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Fungal Skin ailments, Rope Burn, Fence Injuries, Cuts and Scrapes, Girth Gals, Sarcoids, Proud Flesh Healing. 


Similar to the Sports Rub the Arthritigo is an old recipe formulated to ease symptoms of arthritis and muscle and joint pain.

Used for, 

Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Injuries, Sports injuries, Swelling and Bruising, Cream Based product.                                                                                                                                                                                           



Pure Emu Oil is useful for extremely tricky skin, burns, joint pain. Often applied to the face.                                                                                   

Used for, 

Great for more sensitive skin, eczema, Burns, Psorasis, Dry skin, Scarring, Insect Bites, Stretch Marks, Fungal Skin Conditions, Post Operative Healing.                                                                



Containing emu oil and NZ Manuka honey a daily application of this skin conditioner will help maintain a vital and replenished skin.

Used for,                                                           Everyday Hand and Body Moisturiser, Skin Healing, Skin Rejuvenating, Dry Skin                                                                             


Horses have the tendancy to produce too much scar tissue, or proud flesh with the topical application of emu oil there is less potential for proud flesh production. The oil tends to be bacteriostatic ( does not promote bacterial growth) and anti-inflammatory.