Where does the Emu Oil come from?

Australia- Emu oil was discovered by Aborigines thousands of years ago as a skin moisturiser, antiseptic, and as an aid in the relief of sunburn, muscular aches and joint pain.


Do you send overseas?

Yes we send worldwide daily. Please see our shipping and terms and conditions pages.


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What’s your best product for Muscle and joint issues?

E-Balm — it helps reduce pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness in joints and muscles due to its natural anti inflammatory properties.

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What is the difference between Hand and Heel Repair and Skin Repair?

Hand and Heel is great for everyday working hands and heels that have become dry and cracked.

Skin Repair has a higher percentage of Emu oil in it so is better for more severe skin conditions, it helps reduce scarring, irritation and inflammation of various skin conditions. Also promotes faster healing.


Where do the active ingredients of the products come from?

The Active Manuka Honey, widely known for its healing properties, is particular to New Zealand. Beeswax, also from New Zealand.

The other essential oils are sourced from where they are regarded as being the best e.g. rose oil from England, Lavender oil from the south of France.