TESTIMONIALS - E Balm   I have been using E-Balm for 3 years and found it marvellous.  I was on the waiting list to go to hospital for a Rotato Cuff operation on my shoulder and was recommended to try the E-Balm to help with some relief.  It was fantastic. Dear Owners of Kalaya Just to thank you for your wonderful products.  I fractured my shoulder 3 months ago and have had a lot of pain during my recovery.   The warmth and comfort given by your E-Balm product has helped me cope many days. Thank you so much.    Dear Sir   

I no longer will be looking for any other products for inflammation and swellings for the body just … “E-Balm


Muscle and Joint Relief”    Thank you for sending E-Balm it arrived yesterday.  One application to my knee last night.  No pain and no swelling this morning.  It works faster than anything else that I have ever had faith in.          I used E-Balm on ‘muscle knots’ that cause severe headaches.  I found relief within minutes.  Now I use it when symptoms start and rarely do the headaches come on.      Just a note to thank you for my trial sample of E-Balm.  I have had nasty sores on my leg for weeks.  Nothing healed them.  I received my E-Balm yesterday and I’ve put it on my sores for exactly 1 day and a few hours.  The result is remarkable.  Another couple of days and I’ll be all better!    Dear Emuology I would like you to know how pleased I am with the improvement in my knee joint since using E-Balm.   I previously needed to use a walking stick to get about and now I no longer need it. I fully recommend E-Balm.  It has worked wonders for me.    Dear Sir I have been given a small trial of it from a relative and I find it takes the pain from my feet and I have suffered for years and tried all sorts of rubs etc with no help from any. Thank you. 